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Application of SQ 8772 Textile Antimicrobial Additives
SQ 8772 tex紡品抗菌處理劑添加方法

Water tank with 2000 litres of water:
備2,000 公升水及容器
Material : Fabric woven cotton 85% 15% polyester socks. with total weight of 1000 kg
準備物料:共重1,000 公斤的棉織襪(棉85%,合成纖維15%)
Absorbing ratio:1 : 2

Fabric should be previously scoured and/or dyed and neutralized. Alkalinity may prohibit SQ 8772 tex from attaching to fabric. pH of fabric should be less than 6.0 to aid pick up.
織物須事前整染,漂染好及中和妥.因衣物本身的酸鹼度將影響SQ 8772 tex的附著衣物表現.pH值最佳設定在6.0或以下以方便處理.
Determine an accurate wet pick up. It is preferable that fabric be padded wet on dry. However, if wet on wet finishing is necessary, it is imperative than an accurate exchange rate be calculated to effect enough SQ 8772 tex to fabric.
計算吸水率準確的濕吸水方法.衣物處理前最理想是乾透狀態.但若配合生產線需要而須作濕的衣物處理下便須仔細測試真正的吸水率,以免影響SQ 8772 tex的表現.
Make up solution of SQ 8772 tex in head tank or side tank near pad (0.75% SQ tex solution and the amount of SQ 8772 tex will be 0.75% on the absorbing ratio of the goods). Calculate amount needed adjusting for wet pick up of fabric being padded. If vacuuming is used, make adjustment for this also.
將所需份量的SQ 8772 tex溶液倒進處理缸內(份量為衣物吸水率的0.75%)若操作過程需用濕的衣物處理,便須再作吸水率測試調整.若使用真空缸處理,吸水方法亦需作出修正.
SQ 8772 tex溶液添加量為水比的0.75%,即15公升
(即水缸內比例為15公升SQ 8772 tex溶液及2,985公升水)
Weight carefully and accurately into warm water (80°- 90°C.) Blend for 10 minutes to assure SQ 8772 tex is adequately dispersed in water.
各樣物料使用比例請掌握準確,使用施工其間可用(80-90°C)暖水.波泡及攪拌10分鐘以確保SQ 8772 tex溶液能完全溶於水及被衣物吸收.
Drop solution to pad and run fabric through pad.
SQ 8772 tex溶液與衣物混和.
Check a wet pick up during run to assure SQ 8772 tex is being affected to fabric.
若使用濕吸水方法請於施工期間觀察SQ 8772 tex溶液被衣物吸收情況
NOTE: SQ 8772 tex can be padded on in the softener bath. CHECK COMPATIBILITY OF ALL SOFTENERS WITH SQ 8772 tex PRIOR TO TYING THIS.
注意: SQ 8772 tex溶液可在衣物柔順過程中添加.請事前查清楚柔順劑物料的表面活性劑屬性與SQ 8772 tex溶液能否亙相兼容並沒有產生排斥情況.

This is what the master textile or manager of the mill will know and calculate.
If the weight of the material is 1000 kg and they need to have a 0.75% of weight of absorbing rate(1:2),i.e. 15 kg of SQ 8772 tex to add to the water bath. of 2000 litres. If the absorbing rate is 90% that they need to adjust this.

Let said the pick up instead of been cotton is a synthetic fabric and due to the rapid process is only 60% they need to calculate the extra they need to add to replace the amount not attached in that 30% so they need to add SQ 8772 tex to replace that part of active ingredient that is not attached.
Please review the Padding and Exhaustion protocols.


SQ 8772 tex溶液添加量為水比的0.75%,即15公升
(即水缸內比例為15公升SQ 8772 tex溶液及2,985公升水)

Molecular Structure of SQ 8772 tex

Traditional antimicrobials provide short-term kill of microorganisms.
Unlike disinfectants, sanitizers and bleaches; Smart Shiny's water soluble agent forms a molecular bond to any surface.
The molecule disrupts the cell membranes of harmful fungi and bacteria, inhibiting, reducing and providing long-term, residual kill.
Longer lasting, more effective, versatile, non-toxic and save.
Kills Gram+ & Gram- bacteria, fungae, yeast, viruses and spores (Anthrax)

Mechanism of SQ 8772 tex

Active agent attaches permanently to the surface.
Microorganisms contact the surface and they are destroyed.
Effectively inhibit further growth of microorganism
Clean surface.
Surface View
Illustration of Silane Structural Components
View of Treated surface